It is very hard to talk about

I was born into World War II

1936 in Hungary

You hide in the basement in the bottom

They drop an egg and the whole thing blows

Like newspaper

Terrible sight to see people under buildings

One person occupies you then the next

I left in 1956 to America

I am a Catholic, a Catholic, not a Jew.

I went to New Orleans to work on a ship but there were hurricanes there

Tornadoes, I’ve never seen anything like it

You see they do not have those

In my country they bomb and everything goes

Here you have hurricanes and houses blow off

People are in New Orleans and land in San Francisco

Terrible sight to see people under buildings

I joined the Merchant Marines

I got to steer the boats the captain says starboard and I go in the direction

Eighteen years I spent on those boats and when it was over I had nothing

People pay you sometimes they don’t and you pay them

Always trying but who was waiting?

I lost my mother when I was young and my father always working

My little sister needed me

I was the mom

What do you call that when you graduate and a few years later you dress up in suits

To meet your friends?

That was not me

Young kids do not understand

Today they say give me five dollars I need to get lunch

I worked my whole life then I was an old man

They put me in a place like this where the government says

Here, you can live here, but if you have more than two thousand dollars in your bank account

you cannot live here.

Tell me where is all the money?

The social security check has gone up but now the rent has gone up too

They give me twenty more dollars but an extra seven goes to rent

Tell me what is the benefit?

Do you think if you work hard you will get something in life?

If you are a good girl they will give you something?

I was a good boy

I came here in 1956 and now I am 76

Where does all the time go?

It’s very difficult to talk about but I did not have a childhood and I did not get to be a teenager

Kids today have computers and phones and radios and DVDs

My family had very little money and we could not afford a radio

I still do not have a radio

Now we worry about North Korea and Iran

They are making bombs

They put them in the oven at the same time and now they are done

And when the bombs come

The kids will not know what to do

They will ask their computers what do I do when bombs drop

And they will not know where to hide

The safest place is to keep going down until the roof blows off.